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Microwave Energy

  • Heat Source – Hot air convection and 2450 MHz microwave power (16kW)
  • Humidity Control
  • Balanced launch systems front-to-back / side-to-side
  • Ability to vary the amount of power based upon specific product processing requirement

Durable Belt Design

  • Full stainless-steel construction – patented 60″ wide belt enabled high capacity, minimized length
  • Up to 100′ in length
  • Natural smoke
  • Highest capacity – lbs. / sq. ft.
  • Open wire link ensures airflow, color development, uniformity

Cleanability (CIP) Floor Cooling

  • Fully recirculated CIP System
  • Automated sanitation via HMI Touchscreen
  • Open design for easy access
  • Stainless Steel belt washed at every pass
  • No Plenums or ducts to remove
  • System Simplicity – Reduces or eliminates required maintenance


  • Set point / Actual Temps
  • I/O Outputs / Alarms
  • Recipes / Cook Schedule, 100 recipes with independent cook zones
  • Shared – All Computers / Controls Systems
  • Can be integrated with SCADA systems

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