ALKAR’s broad line of components comprise the perfect continuous processing system to meet your production requirements. Continuous, fully automated thermal processing of linked sausages. Improved food safety is achieved through precise control of the heating and chilling process. ALKAR interfaces with all major brands of stuffers/linkers.

Automated Processing for Linked Products 2,000 to 10,000 lbs/hr

Eliminate labor – Stickless System Links Directly on Cook/Chill Conveyor

Flexible to Convey Up/Down or Around Corners

Rapid Smoke or Roast Products Consistently

Improve Food Safety – RTE, Ready-to-Eat Deli Products and Frankfurters

Dependable Straight Line Conveyor with High Product Density – No Tangling

Excellent for Longer Process Cycles or Large Dimension Products

Improve Yields on Sliced Lunch Meats and Molded Products

Increase Capacity in the Same Plant Space