Combination Ovens

Cook and Chill Operations Combined – Labor and Risk of Product Contamination Reduced

Maximum utilization of existing floor space.
Complete documentation and control throughout cooking and chilling process.

Choice of Heat Sources

  • Direct Gas-Fired Heat – Thermal Oil Heat
  • Steam Coil Heat – Indirect Gas-Faired Heat Exchanger
  • Electric Heating – Steam Direct Injection Heating

Choice of Cooling Sources

  • Ammonia, Freon, Glycol
    Designed for Any Type of Product Carrier
    • Truck, Trees, Cages, Racks
    • All Stainless-Steel Construction
    • Water Shower System with Water Mizer
    • ALKAR Flex Control System
    • Automated, Clean-in-Place System
    • Liquid Smoke or Smoke Generators

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