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Food Processing Innovators

ALKAR custom engineers batch and continuous cooking and chilling equipment for processors all over the world. ALKAR provides equipment and services which improve your product’s consistency, and your operation’s efficiency so your business will continue to grow.

ALKAR specializes in manufacturing equipment for the protein and alternative protein products industry. We’re known worldwide for our expertise in a broad number of areas ensuring our customers receive the support needed for their cooking and chilling operations.

From scientific advice, process development, plant layout and custom equipment design, ALKAR provides solutions improving automation, product consistency and helps you achieve lower operating costs.



Alternative Protein

Pet Food



The only industrial microwave & convection heating oven in the world.

Process flexibility and product consistency. Ovens are custom designed for your product range and facility.

Automated processing for linked products up to 10,000 lbs/hr. Programmed loading and unloading results in reduced labor, less rework and increased yields.

Increase capacity with high performance chillers that are compatible with all products.

Advancing products, processes and solutions

Since ALKAR’s beginning in the 1950s, installations have grown to nearly 400 continuous systems and 6,000 batch units. Unwavering dedication to customer support, engineering and manufacture of custom thermal processing solutions paved ALKAR’s way to its present position as industry leader in the meat/protein thermal processing segment.